THE Three rivers active hostel

Partner Project with Anthony Necci

South Side, Pittsburgh PA

Hostel and Riverfront Path Infrastructure

[Professor Jeremy Ficca] 

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*The facade study of this project is still under development based on final review critique 

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The Three Rivers Active Hostel is located on  a rich, industrial site along the Monongahela River in Pittsburgh's historic South Side.  The hostel accommodates active users visiting Pittsburgh for its growing recreation and athletic opportunities. 


Bike  Path Site  Material Collage

Roof Path Connection Weathering Collage


The project's main design  driver in form, material, and concept is the nexus of path. The three rivers bike  path connects across the site with natural vegetation along the river's edge to the north and industrial  infrastructure to  the south.  The site's richness in material led tot eh prototype exploration through a facade system reflecting the context of the historical site and the movement of the path while embracing the hostel program experience. With this material exploration came an investigation into weathering and mapping conditions across the project to identify density of use and need for robust material mapping. The project aims to weather naturally and embrace the patterns of use over time.  



The project is pulled apart by from the living and the service volume through a commons knot moment. The spatial convergence of the two main paths, the roofscape connection from Terminal Way to Liberty Bridge that spans over the Three Rivers Bike Path moving through the first three floors, creates a knot condition of overlapping spaces. This developed as the center of the project with overlooks into zones of activity to understand the experience of the hostel through moments and movement.   


Knot Model exploration and Collage

Bike Path Knot Approach - Understanding an exterior elevated path through an enclosed building


Monongahela River Render with Terminal Building Scale

1/32" Model Massing Studies

1/16" Site Model Iterations


Acrylic Model : Mapping of user Density 

Task Board Models : Study of interior vertical and horizontal zones, Path with Massing and Rib Structure Array 


Project Plans

Living Volume Sectional Perspective 

Full Northern Facade Living Volume Wall Detail


Rib to Slat Window Plan Detail 


Prototype Plasma Cutting and Breakforming Steel