Deployable screen + table

[a design build exploratory mini project for a deployable screen that transformed into a bedside sized table. the project fuses digital fabrication tools with hand craft.]

Early Concept Study Model


Concept Diagrams

4' x 8' 3/4" Plywood Sheet CNC Cut Sheet

Process Documentation

Screen Stages

Table Stages

Human Scale



[design and build modular patterns that can be reconfigured within a 10" x 10" bounding square. vacuum form the patterns to create a variety of plaster tiles.]

Process Documentation | 

1. MDF module tile construction with woodshop power tools

2. Wax the modules to prevent heated plastic from molding to MDF 

3. Configure Modules into varying patterns

4. Place the tile on the vacuum former bed, cover with plastic, heat and press, let cool and remove plastic mold from MDF tile

5. Repeat vacuum forming process to create multiple molds

6. Pour plaster into inverted plastic molds, let set and remove plaster tile from plastic mold

MDF Tile Construction, Band Saw + Belt Sander

Tile Configurations

Vacuum Form Machine Steps 

Vacuum Form Molds (highlighting process irregularities)

Plaster Cast Process

Final Plaster Tiles 


[a project obstacle to hold a block 20" away from a vertically mounted piece of form core using only one deck of cards. cards can be cut or folded but their integrity must remain in tact and no glue or adhesive may be used.]

process : 1. test ways two cards can join 2. experimented and developed spatial module 3. connected modules together 4. created support cable out of remaining cards to hold weight of block off wall

challenges : using every card and having to balance the block on the edge of the structure rather than creating a pocket with extra cards

result :  an architectural solution to the problem resulting in a sturdy arm like structure that worked well in compression horizontally on a surface but needed tension to work vertically off a wall. 



[an experimental, fun project that introduced tectonic thinking and making through a simple prompt and limited materials. the objective was to make a marble move and stop using paper planes and wooden sticks. this design aimed to combine a rigid, geometric structure with a playful experience of the marble.]