community garden hoop house

Team partners: Elle Bai, Renee Cox, Sinan Goral, Kelli Mijares, Jakob Uhlenhopp

Larimer, Pittsburgh PA

[Professor Josh Bard with Jeff King]

A design-build project for a portable and lightweight enclosure to protect a raised garden bed during early winter. The final structure was placed on a community garden plot in Larimer, Pittsburgh as an outreach effort. It was an accessible, temperature regulating hoop house made of a thin membrane of UV coated greenhouse plastic with a lightweight conduit framing system assembled with steel bolts. This was a collaborative 6 member team project and was constricted by budget and material limitations.

This was one of the first introductions to producing a working drawing set. Our team compiled 30 pages of detailed construction assembly instructions and component specs. We gave the drawing set to the community garden members to help them better use their unique hoop house. 

The final design was strongest in its constructability and transport characteristics. The rings A-G have the plastic permanently bolted over them. When the cross bars (K, L, H and J) are removed, the rings collapse together, allowing for easy transport and minimal storage space needed.